Phil Farina Author Latest Book Release - Live Die Repeat

July 7, 2022

The Front Flap

We have hosted Phil Farina's website for several years and with recent technology updates as well as a new book coming out, it was time to make a few updates and relaunch the website. Whether with a brand new or existing client, every project starts with the discovery phase. We had a discussion with Phil about his current website to understand what would be vital to the brand and who his inspirations were.

Taking some time to reevaluate our previous work led to design and performance upgrades. We were coming back to a project after a break which opened our eyes to new possibilities and choices that may have been overlooked. We made design choices that could be simplified for the website to help build the overall supernatural feel of the author’s content including:

  • New Hero Images
  • New Book Banner
  • Redesign of the Blog section

Changes In Appearance

Adding a new book to Phil's website and series is a big deal. We wanted to create something that would bring immediate attention to his work. Taking his cover art and creating a simple book graphic and message made a sizable difference in the website’s landing page appearance. Phil was also excited by the change, which energized our team to make more improvements.

The website was beginning to feel brand new. We decided to leave the previous three books in their own row and create a banner for announcing the latest addition to the series. The banner will lead visitors to the newest book page, where they can learn more or click a button below it to purchase from Amazon. The new graphic can also be used on various social media pages as an announcement banner.

Beyond adding content for the new book, we used this opportunity to adjust the website’s blog section. The previous blog links were contained within a dark blue-colored frame. We wanted to stand on its’ own without the additional background piece. We added a dark filter over the background image to increase contrast, which created a nice clean appearance. We increased text size and spacing for each blog link with space we saved from the frame.

All the minor changes in appearance add an entirely new experience to the website. The custom banner graphics add visual elements of mystique and character to each book. It invites users to click and learn more. The changes to the blog section fit the overall theme of the website and author's brand. The website is focused on a natural progression of interest; if you like what you see, learn more; buy here if you like what you learned.

The Back Cover

It is essential to continually test what is working and what isn’t in design, business, and marketing. Getting feedback and making minor adjustments adds up over time. Creating a new marketing banner from the cover art adds a new dimension to the website as well as additional content that can be used across social media. A fresh design and awareness can work wonders for your website’s traffic.

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