Phil Farina
Phil Farina Author

Phil Farina Author

Phil Farina has been able to turn his love of writing into a career. Phil connects with his audience through his book series and travel blog. You can explore his published work or more personal pieces on his website. As technology disrupts print media, he turned to us to reach a wider audience.

What we did

  • Website Design, Build, & Hosting
  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • eCommerce

The Problem

Phil started his website with us but needed a site update to highlight his latest book launch coming to his store. He also needed some more descriptions of his work and digital marketing banners. Increasing his copy on each page could help readers to find his series.

As design began, we ran into instances where Phil’s content needed to be updated or created to match this update. Some pages would need a lot of work to represent Phil’s updated direction for his website.

The Solution

The fresh design to go with Phil’s series of books was the ultimate goal. We revisited what he liked and disliked about his site and his inspirations. We also looked at competing author websites both regionally and nationally/internationally to make competitive recommendations. Our team compiled components that Phil had selected and some that offered a fresh look and feel.

After taking all the inspirations and previous site notes into account, we started the design work for the new launch. We designed and built marketing banners, book graphics, carousels, icons, and a new blog section. These changes significantly impacted the website’s appearance and operation, and Phil was thrilled to launch with the updated design.

The fresh design will also be featured across PortoSpire’s social media presence and highlighted in our recent work on the website. Besides a slight SEO boost, we write and post about our collective successes to celebrate what can be achieved together. This is intended to help bring awareness to his webpage and add another branch as we build and grow together.

Reflecting - The Outcome

Phil Farina gets a fresh site that he loves, that matches the theme of his work, and adds value to his growing community. Improving his marketing content, images, and blog section was the bulk of our work but offered an opportunity to try new approaches to get his message out. After passing our built and tested design to Phil for approval, he was thrilled and submitted no additional notes, and so the design was brought to life on his site.

Phil Farina Author

Color & Typography

Phil Farina Author


Open Sans

Headline, subheads, & body



H1 - 36px

H3 - 24px

H4 - 18px

Paragraph - 14px

HEX: 000000
RBG: 0, 0, 0

HEX: 0A1926
RBG:10, 25, 38

HEX: 3578E5
RBG: 53, 120, 229

RBG: 127, 127, 127

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