Top 10 Most Inspiring CEOs 2022

November 16, 2022

Join us in celebrating our CEO for being awarded one of Industry Era’s most inspiring CEOs in 2022. Our CEO Andrew Wallace has been hard at work building websites since the 1990s. Much has changed since those early internet days to the 2020s from major technology advances, work procedures, virtual/hybrid meetings, and a increased awareness of mental health. That is why Andrew focuses on work-life balance and preparing our company’s workforce for the ever-changing future.

While remaining in the know regarding the industry, Andrew is also focused on the innovative future of PortoSpire, telling us, “We are preparing to launch an integrated scheduling and calendar management service that makes booking and charging for events a snap. Users can plan event schedules or set open ranges for clients to book and pay all from a single interface.”

Andrew boasts a team that is 100% virtual: working where it makes sense. They work when the time is most convenient for all, including their families and the clients they serve. He quips, “The days of dictating time and place as an authority from on high have long ended, and we fully embrace that. We are explorers and artists. We seek to bring together the world as we are, not as some undefined “they” that others want everyone to be.” (Industry Era, 2022)

By focusing on supporting our workforce we will grow stronger together. We believe that the constant monitoring of employees down to the clicks per minute is destructive to morale and ultimately drains productivity. Employees are hired for a reason and should be treated with respect. Without that respect you build a workforce that disengages while customer experience declines and productivity drops. That is why we maintain respect and autonomy for each other by offering support to help you grow with our company both inside and out.


About IndustryEra
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About PortoSpire
Started in 2004 as a custom software provider in Memphis, TN, PortoSpire has since grown into its current, New Albany, OH, home. Our team strives to provide opportunities for great brand stories that help small businesses thrive and individuals to take control of their web presence. Customizing your digital presence is a tailored experience which aims at bringing your unique values, perspective, propositions, and goals to a global audience. We bring about this momentum with end-to-end services including: design, hosting, and enterprise scale integrations.

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