How to Make Your Small Business a Success

October 22, 2021

Frustrated Small Business Owner


Are you like me and want to run your own business? If you stay diligent and keep at it, then you are sure to reach your goal. But will it be worth it in the end? Should you do a side hustle, keep the 9 to 5, start an agency, or find an investor?

Sometimes getting to where you want to be is a long and challenging process, and sometimes you get in your own way. But if you are thinking of taking that road, then here are a few tips to mull over before starting that LLC. It’s always easier to start with a plan and a nudge from your friends.


Focus on Leads

I’m sure you know how to do this part, right? Start a few social media pages, make some posts, write a blog, get a billboard, buy an ad, or make a bumper sticker. We’ve all thought of these things, but why would they help while getting started? Because building content and interacting on social platforms builds awareness and trust in your brand.

If you produce quality content and interact in meaningful ways on social media before you know it, you’ll have clients. The kind of clients that use money and not food to pay for their products (mom). Providing content also makes you more search engine friendly. With enough quality content, then it is possible to make money from your content alone.

There are plenty of people throughout history who have made money from what they produce. Digital media may make that easier by serving your content on a worldwide platform, but you don’t need to reach everyone to make it worthwhile. Come up with a content plan and start to produce it on a regular schedule. People will begin to consume it, and you’ll gain followers if you put in the effort.

Content creation isn’t the time to spam your marketing all over the place either. Create something with value that answers a question. By demonstrating your knowledge on the subject around your profession, you create trust. Once you are trustworthy, people are more likely to do business with you. All because you wrote some blog posts, are you seeing how this creates value?


Analyze the Competition

Look at the way others have built their websites and social presences. Start by auditing their website. What pages do they have, and what information is on each page. How does their site function? Are there videos or animations? Do they allow a place for interaction like a contact or forum area? Then move on to their social media.

What types of things are they posting? Look for interactions between them and online users. While doing all of this, keep in mind to look for opportunities to improve upon what they have done. How are you going to set yourself apart from the established competition? Note what topics they covered that got the most user reaction.

Check out what their reviews are on Google. Checking reviews can be a great way to see what people value and where companies fall short. If people leave less than five stars, check out why. The reviews can offer insight into where you can do better than the competition.

  • Audit their website.
  • See what they are doing on Social media.
  • Look at the companies reviews.

If you do these three things with enough competition, you will see what it takes to succeed. You can’t make everyone happy, but you might be able to make more people pleased than the competition.


Provide Solutions

Providing solutions rather than sales will build trust. Most people buy when it feels natural, not when they are told they need to. Focusing on delivering a solution also will bring customers back. The most significant value to your business is in repeat customers. Adding to that, if you can take an average customer and make them happy, your value grows exponentially with them and word of mouth.

Focus on the benefits of the work you provide instead of marketing materials. People want convenience, so do your marketing about what they will gain by working with you. If you sell lightbulbs, create marketing about the benefits of the ones you sell.

  • What are the benefits of your product?
  • What will a client get back by choosing yours?
  • How can that product provide them ease of life?

To sell your products or services, paint a picture of what they can have back. Are they going to get their time, money, effort, or health back from your product? People need a reason to buy. Give people a reason to purchase by reminding them that your product will make life easier. Don’t put the focus on the features of your product. Many people won’t know or care what the volts or amp-hours mean.


Sweeten the Deal

Another great way to incentivize action is by offering an additional deal. Provide coupons or vouchers; some people do not want to miss a deal. An extra offer gives a reason to buy now. Many people will purchase items because of emotion. Offering an extra with a purchase or on a time limit can give someone that extra little push they need.

Be careful not to use this tactic too often. There are sites where it is obvious they are using time or availability to scare you into action. As people get used to this, they will respond less and less to it. Use this in ways that feel authentic and personal rather than every potential purchase.

  • Hey, *first-time buyer,* get this by purchasing *blank* now.



Running a business takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work. That doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own. Learn how to trust others to complete tasks you don’t need to do. Remember also to take time for yourself to prevent burnout.

A business can put high demands and stress on you and your family. You may sacrifice time with friends, family, leisure, or yourself to run your own business. Consider help when it is available and if you’ve hired someone, let them do the job.

Many new businesses close within the first few years. Any number of things can make it challenging to keep up with your company. Sustainably build your business so it can make it through tough times.



Balance in your life and business will go a long way to running a successful company. The above tips can help you achieve balance by readying you for a plan of action. If you start by building a following and analyzing your competition, you may already be ahead of them. You can separate from your competition if you know the rules by which they operate.

Operating by providing solutions will help you in the long run. A solutions provider can be confident that their work stands for itself without needing much selling. But remember, you can always sweeten the deal with coupons and additional offers. Most importantly, running a business is a considerable commitment, don’t forget to take care of the ones you love.


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